ジュエリーデザイナー ふじたしのぶ





Jewelry has the power and influence to preserve beauty, and at THE’VIT we embrace and harness this belief.

Our designs are pieced together from past and modern patterns, reflecting everyday life. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with history and future in mind to encapsulate design through every generation. The enchanting arrangement of the gems creates a piece of fashion that reflects a demure, elegant, and modern style, carefully made with artisanal sophistication and detail.

THE’VIT is a work of art worth collecting with designs that integrate old inspirations and architecture with elegant patterns and playful color combinations to elevate your style. Always focused on the people who cherish personality and revel in the freedom of expression, THE’VIT endeavors to produce modern, up-to-date designs. Adding our pieces to your wardrobe is the next step to elevate your every look in every way.

Japanese born designer Shinobu Fujita studied fashion business and jewelry at technical schools specializing in fashion and jewelry. After accumulating experience as an associate to a fashion designer in Tokyo for several years, she started her own brand in 2021. “I am inspired by the sophistication and charms of regularity in architecture and use them as the motifs of my works. Additionally, I combine traditional and modish silhouettes in an attempt to express timeless beauty. The geometric shapes transform when viewed from different angles and the playful and profound color texture enchant the wearer with elegance.”

- Shinobu Fujita.